Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade Digital Citizenship, Information Literacy, Love of Reading November & December

Digital Citizenship Understand and practice appropriate, legal, and safe uses of technology for lifelong learning
Information Literacy Engages in the information literacy process: accesses, evaluates, and communicates information & ideas
Utilizes digital tools and resources to investigate real-world issues, answer questions, or solve problems
Uses technological resources to develop and refine questions for investigation
Fifth Grade: Internet Usage: Ethical Use of Digital Resources
Learners practice identifying reliable, valid online information, accurately citing resources, identifying sources within the public domain or covered by creative commons, and requesting permission to create a derivative work.
Fourth Grade: Internet Usage: Web Searches
Learners will practice with effective Internet search strategies. They will learn to use keywords, search phrases, truncation, and evaluate the relevance of search results. 
Third Grade: Online Communications: Sending Email Messages
Learners will practice with online communication. They are introduced to email addresses and experience how to write and send email messages.
Love of Reading:Reads for a variety of purposes and across content areas
Independently reads a significant number of books and texts each year (fiction, nonfiction, and variety of genres)

(Grades 3-5) Learners will read and review all ten Colorado Children's Book Award picture books.