Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2018 CCBA Results grades K-5

At University Schools Elementary 584 students voted for their favorite book of the year:

2018 Colorado Children's Book Award Picture Books
135 Votes
80 Votes
75 Votes
74 Votes
68 Votes
47 Votes
35 Votes
31 Votes
27 Votes
12 Votes

CCBA Chapter Books 2018
Ghosts-19 Votes
Rain Reign-12 Votes
The Bad Guys-10 Votes
The Last Kids on Earth-10 Votes
Took: A Ghost Story-8 Votes
Upside Down Magic -6 Votes
A Night Divided-7 Votes
Save Me a Seat-6 Votes
Kid Owner-1 Vote
Journey Through Ash and Smoke-0 Votes