Monday, August 29, 2016

Pollard's Research Classes

Information Literacy (Grades 9-12)
  • Executes strategies to efficiently and effectively access information
  • Determines scope, depth and potential usefulness of more advanced and diverse resources
  • Defends information on the basis of accuracy, validity, credibility, bias, and date of publication
  • Follows ethical and legal guidelines in gathering and using information

Google-settings, limit by time for current information
Example: Migrant worker -mexico

-Knowledge graph: info on right hand side of the page from a variety of sources
-Wikipedia one of greatest creative commons holders--image search
-In Google images: use search tools to narrow down your search
-Search by image to find the exact image all over the web


Who is the author? Can you find info about him/her? Who else links to the page? Who owns the domain?
Try: bias and propaganda

EasyBib Intro Video
A Brief Intro to EasyBIB (Older)
EasyBib Google Doc Add-On Demo
EasyBib Database Demo Video

How to get more out of Google. Tips for using Google as a research tool.:

Google Infographic with Tips and Tricks